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Bill Elliott wins for the second week in a row, and won the Brickyard 400 at Indy!
Kell Is Back On Track, Wins New Egypt First

New Egypt, NJ (August 3) - When an off-season construction accident almost
cost him his hand, Bucky Kell didn't give up, never believed it would end
his racing career. And the Folsom, NJ, flyer sure proved that Saturday
night, winning his first-ever Modified feature in only his fifth division
start at New Egypt Speedway, on Ladies' Night, sponsored by Burnett Racing

When Kell, 36, was too overcome to speak in victory lane, his brother,
Sportsman driver G.R. Smith, said it all. "The doctors told him he'd never
have a hand - he not only has a hand, he's driving a race car and winning!"
Smith exclaimed, before turning to hug Kell.

Although Kell led every lap of the Modified 30, the win was no cakewalk, by
any means, with Eddie Bohn pressing him early and both Sam Martz and Billy
Pauch looking to steal late in the race. With the top three running rubrail
to rubrail, Pauch attempted to make his move but Martz stubbornly stuck in
second. Martz's last-ditch bid for the lead was done, and Kell, The Comeback
Kid, cruised in for his first Modified win of the season, his first-ever at
New Egypt. Martz, Pauch, Tim Tanner Jr., and Todd Burley followed Kell over
the line.

Frenchtown, NJ's Brian Godown powered to his second win of the year in a
caution-riddled Sportsman main that was shortened by the track's 30-minute
time limit. Keith Foster, Stan Ploski III, Dominick Buffalino and G.R. Smith
completed the top five.

It was also Number Two on the year for Bill Gerber, Waterford, NJ, in the
Super Stock division. Rich Page and Pat Freiberger chased Gerber to the
stripe with Gary Butler fourth and Jon Hewitt finishing fifth.

The Herman's Trucking Lightning Lap Awards for fastest lap in a feature
event were won by Bucky Kell (Mods, 18.771), Brian Godown (Sportsman,
19.421) and Pat Freiberger (Super Stock, 21.188). In addition, friends of
fan Joe Giuliano, who passed away July 15, sponsored a bonus to the
13th finishing position in the Modified event. Donny Radd won the bonus, and
Kell took home a special trophy in Giuliano's memory.

The Ladies' Night program drew a whopping field of 58 women who participated
in four exciting Powder Puff events, sponsored by Burnett Racing Engines of
Belle Mead, NJ. Race winners were Randie Rudy, Tracey Murphy, Sandra Jo Kell
and Kristina McVay, who all received cash prizes and trophies courtesy of
Burnett Racing Engines. All 58 entrants were presented with framed,
personalized certificates, sponsored by Burnett.

A helmet drive and various raffles brought in over ,000 for the kids from
the Matheny School for Cerebral Palsied Children, who were in attendance.

Next week, August 10, it's Wing Night again at New Egypt, with a
four-division card of URC Sprints, Modifieds, Sportsman and Super Stocks,
sponsored by Opdyke Lumber. Gates open at 4 pm, with first race at 6. Adult
admission is , children 7-12 are , and kids 6 and under are free. For
more information, call the speedway office at (609) 758-1900.


1st Heat: 1.VanGorder 2.Grosso 3.Drayton 4.Tanner Jr. 5.Kell 6.McCaughey
2nd Heat: 1.Martz 2.Brightbill 3.Pauch 4.Cozze 5.Burley 6.Hager
3rd Heat: 1.R.Godown 2.Hendershot 3.Hoffman 4.Bohn 5.Miloszar 6.Bitner
B Main: 1.Laureno 2.Radd 3.Worthington 4.Cox 5.Pakenham 6.Liedl (Pt. Prov:
Feature (30 laps):
1.Bucky Kell 2.Sam Martz 3.Billy Pauch 4.Tim Tanner Jr. 5.Todd Burley
6.Frank Cozze 7.John Miloszar 8.Bob Drayton 9.Roger Laureno 10.Eddie Bohn
11.Mark Bitner 12.Tad Cox 13.Donny Radd 14.Rick Grosso 15.Tom Hager 16.Doug
Liedl 17.Bob Worthington 18.Keith Hoffman 19.Mike Hendershot 20.John
Pakenham 21.Kenny Brightbill 22.Darren McCaughey 23.Scott VanGorder 24.Korey
Keimig 25.Ryan Godown
DNQ: Rich Scagliotta, Keith Nonnemacher, Dan McMahon, Art Lentini, Richie
Rutski, Tom Solderich, Fred Dmuchowski, Kenny Huchko, Jimmy Reppert.

1st Heat: 1.Monk 2.Ploski 3.Tanner III 4.Buffalino 5.Woolston Sr.
2nd Heat: 1.Lyons 2.Godown 3.Pearson 4.Farina III 5.Meisner
3rd Heat: 1.Lippincott 2.Flesch 3.Geiges 4.Foster 5.Swain
4th Heat: 1.Plumstead 2.DeVos 3.M.Papiez 4.Smith 5.Reid
Feature (20 Laps):
1.Brian Godown 2.Keith Foster 3.Stan Ploski 4.Dominick Buffalino 5.G.R.
Smith 6.Brian Pearson 7.Mike Toth 8.Mike Lyons 9.Tommy Beamer 10.Tom Tomasko
11.Chuck Flesch 12.Larry Lippincott 13.Jim Scherer 14.Fred Monk 15.Joe
Papiez 16.Jeff Geiges 17.Gene DeVos 18.Tim Apgar 19.Keith Plumstead 20.Lou
Farina III 21.Scott Reid 22.Larry Kline 23.Ken Meisner 24.Matt Papiez
25.Bill Tanner 26.Dave Woolston 27.Jack Swain 28.Rich Scagliotta
DNQ: Keith Fleming, Chris Wasson, Anthony Moran, Doug Boyce, Glenn Hisko,
Phil McCloughan, Rich McTighe, Joe Szwed, Andy Weeks, Stan Frankenfield Jr.,
Rick Raisner, Bill Raisner, Todd Kuhl, Rob Schuster, Dave Gorbatuk, Mike
Fattori, Rob Morris, Rob Pfister, Gene Stravinsky, Brad Brightbill, Billy
Tanner IV, Laura Laurence, Jimmy Harris, Dave Woolston Jr.

1st Heat: 1.Quinlan 2.R.Page 3.Butler 4.R.Gargiulo 5.Jn. Hewitt 6.Search
2nd Heat: 1.Gerber 2.Freiberger 3.Coverly 4.Wagner 5.Jm. Hewitt 6.Whitehouse
3rd Heat: 1.Fleming 2.Bifulco 3.M.Page 4.Marra 5.Conaway 6.Pfeil
Feature (15 laps):1.Bill Gerber 2.Rich Page 3.Pat Freiberger 4.Gary Butler
5.Jon Hewitt 6.Al Cheney 7.Carol Whitehouse 8.Ralph Gargiulo 9.Wayne Pfiel
10.George Quinlan 11.Ron Coverly 12.Mario Page 13.Brian Nixon 14.Bill
Miscoski 15.Mick Search 16.Nick Garguilo 17.Dave Cologna 18.Brian Wagner
19.Dan Dewey 20.Jim Hewitt 21.Paul Marra Jr. 22.Kevin Bifulco 23.Pat Conaway
24.Kory Fleming
DNQ: Don Shipley, Steve Biles, Steve Mongiello, Rick Marvin, John Scarpati,
Allen Hurley, Pete Fogarty.

Modified: 1.Randie Rudy 2.Janet Lindenberry 3.Nancy Leach
1st Sportsman: 1.Sandra Jo Kell 2.Jen Cunnington 3.Veronika Guinther
2nd Sportsman: 1.Tracey Murphy 2.Terri Flesch 3.Robin McTighe
Super Stock: 1.Kristina McVay 2.Heidi Schaefer 3.Marie McVay

With once again, inspiration from two of my friends Heather and Jennifer, I would like to send out a weekly newsletter, on the sum ups of NASCAR, and New Egypt Speedway. If you would like to receive one, email me and let me know which one, or both.
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New Egypt Speedway points as of 8-3-02

DRIVER (* denotes wins) POINTS
1 Frank Cozze** 864
2 Billy Pauch**** 864
3 Keith Hoffman**** 851
4 Darren McCaughey 810
5 Kenny Brightbill* 757
6 Tim Tanner Jr. 677
7 Roger Laureno* 667
8 Sam Martz 645
9 Mark Bitner** 614
10 Ryan Godown* 597
11 Eddie Bohn 595
12 Bob Drayton 591
13 Rick Grosso 573
14 Fred Dmuchowski 541
15 Bob Worthington 457
16 Todd Burley 427
17 Donny Radd* 422
18 Korey Keimig 389
19 Tom Hager 362
20 Tom Carberry 357
21 Scott Van Gorder 311
22 Ryan Kerr 302
23 John Miloszar 296
24 Gary Velenger 283
25 Rocco Infante 268


DRIVER (* denotes wins) POINTS
1 Rich Scagliotta** 651
2 Jack Swain** 640
3 G.R. Smith* 636
4 Stan Ploski III* 628
5 Matt Papiez* 622
6 Larry Kline 592
7 Brian Godown** 565
8 Mike Lyons 550
9 Mike Toth* 541
10 Jim Scherer 508
11 Tommy Beamer 494
12 Tom Tomasko 476
13 Brian Pearson 438
14 Chuck Flesch 435
15 Dominick Buffalino* 428
16 Ken Meisner 417
17 Scott Reid 406
18 Bill Tanner III* 402
19 Chris Wasson* 377
20 Jeff Geiges 341
21 Joe Papiez 335
22 Brien Ely 316
23 Pete Telesco* 289
24 Tim Apgar 285
25 Keith Foster 284


DRIVER (* denotes wins) POINTS
1 Ralph Gargiulo** 770
2 Gary Butler* 734
3 Pat Conaway 702
4 Al Cheney III* 689
5 Carol Whitehouse* 660
6 Bill Gerber** 631
7 Jon Hewitt 605
8 Mario Page*(6) 594
9 Kory Fleming 536
10 Brian Nixon 524
11 Ron Coverly 521
12 Bill Miscoski 506
13 Rich Page * 502
14 George Quinlan* 494
15 Jake Roveda 478
16 Jim Hewitt 367
Bryan Reed 367
18 Nick Gargiulo Jr. 355
19 Kevin Bifulco 349
20 Kenny Hammond 248
21 Billy Bauer 242
22 Pat Freiberger 240
23 Robert Melton 228
24 Wayne Pfeil 216
25 Paul Marra Jr. 209
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