About Me
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About Me

Why I wanted to Make this site..
Two of my "Jr Friends" (Heather and Jennifer) made a website, and they got me hooked. I wanted to have a better website than just a regular old one. So, a big thanks to them for making such a great site and giving me an idea to do it also.

My favorite Winston Cup drivers include..
-Dale Earnhardt Jr
-Steve Park
-Dale Earnhardt
-Casey Atwood
-Ryan Newman
-Michael Waltrip
-Tony Stewart
-Kevin Harvick
-Kurt Busch

My favorite dirt track drivers include (now there's a lot)..
-Ron John Koczon
-Brian Weaver
-Mark Bitner
-Ryan Godown
-Rocco Infante
-Dominick Buffalino
-G.R. Smith
-Brian Godown
-Jeff Geiges
-Matt and Joe Papiez
-Evan Berardi
-Rich and Mario Page
-Al Cheney
-Brian Nixon
-Weldon Collier
-Rob Pierce
-Steve Lindale
-Tim McCreadie
-Brett Hearn
-Ron Blake
-Greg Coverdale
-Kevin Welsh
-Dave Brown

-Steve Kinser
-Kraig Kinser
-Mark Kinser
-Danny Lasoski